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Production Music

Downloads are 44.1 kHz, 16-bit WAV files; previews are MP3s. Just purchase through PayPal and download!

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Some terminology:

  • :60 or :30 – A 60- or 30-second cut with an ending.
  • Sting – A short musical phrase, about 4 – 10 seconds long.
  • Track – A full piece with an ending. Lengths vary.
  • Loop – A section of a track that can be repeated. Loops are generally cut from sections heard in the preview.
  • Cue – A short musical piece or an abridgment of a longer work.
  • Sample – A musical element that may be used in a production or as a component of another musical work.

All compositions are original with the exception of public domain classical and holiday pieces. All arrangements are original.
All music available for purchase is bound by a lifetime non-transferable license for synchronization rights only. Basically, you are allowed to use the music in a production with other elements. You may not redistribute it, resell it, copy it, or alter it in any way (for example, by adding instruments or lyrics). Please read the full licensing agreement when checking out. You can view the agreement here.

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