Our Services Include . . .

Voice-Over Production

We cover all aspects and applications of VO production:

Music Production

We’re experienced in creating, recording, and mixing music.

Transcription: Music transcription is the process of listening to a piece of recorded music and writing the piece in music notation. We can provide you with a lead sheet (notes of the melody with chord indications) or include the individual instrumental parts.

Composition: We can create anything from short music cues to longer underscores. Just tell us what impression you’re trying to create and we’ll translate that idea into appropriate music. We can add music cues and underscore to your recorded program, or we can provide the music separately.

Recording & Production: We can help you with your album or other music project. Recording, overdubs, editing, mixing – whatever you need to complete your project.

Production Music: We have an online library of royalty-free production music. Just browse and buy! Visit the Music Library.
Specialty Production

Need something a little out of the ordinary? We can do that. These are a couple of examples. If you need something else, just let us know.

Podcast Production: Podcasts are a great way to keep in touch with your clients or your team. You can send us pre-recorded portions and we can finish it or we can do the whole thing for you. Marktree can produce and deliver a professional podcast on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or occasional basis.

On-Hold & After-Hours Messages: We do everything from script writing to delivery. Listen to samples.


Post-production covers a lot of ground. So do we.

Post Services: We offer a complete array of post-production services, including editing music or dialogue, cleaning pre-recorded material, sound-for-picture, sweetening, assembly, mixing, and mastering. All post-production services are fully digital and can be delivered in a variety of formats.

Sound Effects (SFX): We create SFX for all kinds of applications – children’s books, toys, games, commercials. Let us know what you have in mind and we’ll put it together for you.

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